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1. Subject of the contract

1.1. The landlord (hereinafter referred to as the “landlord”) rents the following holiday home (hereinafter referred to as the “rental property”) to the tenant [name of the tenant] (hereinafter referred to as the “tenant”).

1.2. The rental property is located at the following address: 03191 Pilar de la Horadada, Urbanization Rio Mar

2. Rental period

2.1. The rental agreement begins on [start date] at 3 p.m. and ends on [end date] at 11 a.m.

2.2. An extension of the rental agreement is only possible after written agreement by both parties and under the conditions applicable at that time.

2.3 The landlord may reserve the right to demand the full rent of the property if the tenant

 shortened his stay. The reason for this is irrelevant. 

3. Rent payments

3.1. The rent is [rental amount in euros] euros per day and is due no later than 20 days  before the check-in date to the following bank account of the landlord: DE44 5001 0517 5439 9393 38

3.2. A deposit of 20 percent of the total rental price is due within 7 days of signing this contract. The remaining rent is due 20 days prior to the check-in date.

4. Deposit

4.1. The tenant pays a deposit of 200 euros before check-in.

4.2. The deposit will be returned to the tenant within 7 days of check-out and an inspection of the rental property, less any damages or outstanding payments.

5. Cancellation

5.1. Cancellations must be made in writing. If canceled up to 14 days before the check-in date, the deposit will be refunded. If you cancel later, the deposit will be forfeited.

6. Check-in and check-out

6.1. The tenant can move into the rental property on the check-in date that was negotiated with the landlord.

6.2. The tenant must leave the rental property by 11 a.m. on the check-out date. Late departure may result in additional fees.

7. Maintenance and cleanliness

7.1. The tenant is obliged to keep the rental property in good condition and to leave it in a clean and tidy condition upon check-out.

7.2. The landlord is entitled to charge final cleaning fees of 110 euros.

The final cleaning includes 1 linen package (towels and bed linen) per tenant. You can use the washing machine free of charge. If you use more and don't wash it yourself, we charge €10 per set.


8. Pets

8.1. Pets are only permitted in Villa Relax and only with the landlord's prior written consent. An additional fee may apply for pet accommodation.

8.2 The tenant is fully liable for damage caused by his or another pet. 

9. Increased power consumption

9.1. The tenant is responsible for electricity consumption during his stay in the rental property.

9.2. Should the landlord discover that electricity consumption is significantly increased during the tenant's stay due to the use of air conditioning or other electrical devices, the landlord reserves the right to charge the tenant additional costs for the increased electricity consumption. These costs are calculated based on the actual consumption measurements in the rental property. Every house has an easily visible meter. 200 KW per week are included, additional KW will be charged at €20.

10. Damage to the house or inventory

10.1. The tenant is obliged to treat the rental property and the inventory contained therein with care.

10.2. The tenant is liable for all damage to the rental property or the inventory caused by him or his guests during his stay. This includes both accidental damage and vandalism.

10.3. In the event of damage, the landlord reserves the right to claim the costs incurred for repairing or replacing damage from the tenant. These costs will be calculated based on the actual repair or replacement costs and will be invoiced to the tenant.

10.4. The tenant is obliged to report any damage to the landlord in writing promptly.

10.5 The tenant will be given  In the event that the house, pool facilities or garden are damaged by the tenant in such a way that further use is no longer reasonable, the costs will be invoiced immediately. In the event of damage that makes re-letting impossible, the landlord reserves the right to claim compensation that goes beyond the normal daily rate (excluding the costs of repairs). 

11. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

11.1. The rental agreement for our properties is subject to German law.

11.2 Place of jurisdiction is Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 

12. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions

12.1 When concluding the contract, the tenant agrees to comply with all terms and conditions.

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